“Naturalism in the NARNIA”

We propose new food culture of Jeju which we have not experienced yet.

Jeju-do dishes, which were created with fresh seasonal ingredients and unique recipes,

The special dessert provided by the narnia patisserie with a mysterious unexplored

Enjoy at Narnia’s restaurant & cafe.


Location : NARNIA 1F

Capacity : 32 seats (indoor) / 50 seats (outdoor)

Reservation Inquiries : 064-801-9078

Breakfast (Served as à la carte)

Adult : KRW 25,000

Children :  KRW 12,000

“Wine With Sommelier”

Jeju’s first wine cellar

With a variety of wines recommended by sommelier

You can enjoy the special wine-pairing course menu of Naniahan.


Location : NARNIA B1 (B1F)

Number of people : 20 seats

Reservation Inquiries : 064-801-9078

“For My Friends & For My Romance”

Private space for friends, lovers and family.

Located on the highest third floor of Narnia, the panoramic view is attractive.


Location : NARNIA 3F

Occupancy : 6 Persons Seats / 4 Persons Seats

Reservation Inquiries : 064-801-9078

“For My Love”

Private outdoor space for my loved ones.

It is a gem overlooking the surrounding islands and the sea from the outdoor balcony.


Location : NARNIA 3F (OUTDOOR)

Number of people : 4 seats

Reservation Inquiries : 064-801-9078

"Roof Top does not operate during the summer season (from July to mid September)"

“The Most Beautifulest Moment in the World”

Narnia has an outdoor lawn plaza on the first floor,

It is possible to hold various events and banquets such as house wedding, birthday party, corporate event. Make a special day in Narnia with your precious memories.


Location : Narnia 1F

Number of people : 32 seats (indoor) / 50 seats (outdoor)

Reservation Inquiries : +82-64-801-9078 / reservations@bayhill.co.kr