“Bayhill Pool & Villa, the best luxury pool villa in Jeju Island”

Bayhill Pool & Villa is a luxury pool villa located south of Haye-dong, Seogwipo City, Jeju.

There are one hotel building and 9 villa buildings, and each room is designed with a unique concept.

It provides the perfect space for guests to relax.

All rooms have sea views, and you can see the blue sea in the south of Jeju Island through wide windows.

This is the charm of Bayhill Pool & Villa.

In particular, the private jacuzzi in the room and the outdoor shared swimming pool are the best places to relax from the daily tension and the fatigue of travel.

“Narnia embraces the most beautiful sunset in the south of Jeju”

A place that embraces the most beautiful sunset in Jeju with excellent sea views that encompass Marado, Gapado and Songaksan in the southern sea of ​​Jeju.

Narnia is a restaurant and café, wine, spa and outdoor wedding in one building located in Bayhill Pool & Villa

in the Jungmun area of ​​Jeju.

It is a complex healing space. A box of various programs, “Curious room”, is a stacked form, each containing beautiful scenery.

We invite you to Narnia, a potential world in fantasy outside of everyday life.